what was the use of being a genius when he was pitted against a god?

he frowns as he stares down at the other boy’s otherwise blank textbook.

"how the hell are you going to study?" he asks.

the other boy looks away from the teacher who had been answering his query, and shoots a smile in his direction.

he feels sick to his gut.

"i don’t think notes help me in any way," the boy explains, "that’s why i rather ask questions."

"what about tests?" he asks lamely, "won’t you forget?"

"i don’t think i forget many things," the boy chuckles, head inclining slightly as if embarrassed.

he looks away to his own colour-coded handwriting scrawled across the  pages, and has the overwhelming urge to rip them out. “I see.”

I don’t know where you’re going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?

"hey, hey now," he holds up his hands placatingly. "we’ll just- i’ll just carry on on my way and you’ll just, you can forget this ever happened, yeah?"

he is met with a dismal sneer.

he is just really so damn confused because this is his car, isn’t it, but he doesn’t remember having that many records crammed in his seat. or any at all, for that matter. 

he’s so disoriented it takes him a while to notice a brunet struggling to open the passenger’s side door, yelling something along the lines of, “that’s my car, you fucking asshole!”


free for all

then his head goes smack against the concrete.

"what the hell is wrong with you?" he stabs a finger in the later’s direction. "we’re doing trust falls!” 

he inwardly snickers because wow did jaeger look stupid with his head between his legs. but he doesn’t show that, because eren jaeger is not amusing in the least. instead he goes, “my turn” and revels in his most definitely not short-lived triumph.

in the midst of his smug victory, he finds that it appears he’s forgotten a very important thing.

"oops," the bastard grins from above him.